SCREENGAZER is where you will find reviews to a wide range of film written by a cinema enthusiast, film buff, and all-round media geek.

The Recent Releases posts will be a review of most films released in the cinema. I will aim to cover as many films as I possibly can but my main focus lies on the most popular releases of the week. With these reviews I’ll try not to delve too deep as I like to promote the idea of watching the film with as little knowledge as possible (that’s how I enjoy my movies).

The Movie Classic‘s article will be a review of golden cinematic nuggets. I aim to go into as much analytical depth as possible with film’s I love watching a countless amount of times. If you haven’t seen the film before reading one of these reviews then it’s probably best to avoid doing so as I’d hate to spoil your experience.

Movie Chronicles posts will be bulky assessments of a particular director, actor, or cinematographer’s work. I might even look at a specific genre in whole chronicling the impact it has on modern cinema.

We’ll also have the odd Top Ten list (I’m pretty sure, there’s no explanation needed for these articles).

And last but not least, Film Poop. With these posts I will be studying films considered to be ‘laughably below-par’ where I’ll be looking into why they are received so poorly and what makes them so atrocious.

We really hope you enjoy reading the articles as you procrastinate your way through an 8 hour shift.

Thanks for reading,

The Editor – Simon Garganera Price


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