Recent Releases – Jurassic World


Twenty two years on from Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar has become a fully functional tourist attraction. However, given a recent decline in attendance statistics, corporate has decided to genetically modify a new attraction in attempts to boost ratings. Unfortunately, their lethal experiment breaks loose and begins to wreak havok on the island. Can the employees of Jurassic World survive; and stop the beast from escaping the island?

Nostalgia – One of the first things that springs to mind and one that sticks with you long after watching Jurassic World. It’s truly impressive how faithful it remains to Jurassic Park. It doesn’t feel completely steeped in honouring tradition, as it perfectly finds the balance between bringing something new to the table and remaining true to the franchise. Stands as a great example of how to make a new franchise entry but also to make it feel relevant and fresh.

A different story is delivered but with the same Spielbergian feel without completely imitating his aesthetic. It’s great to see how it has similar engaging characters, the same old score, and some old dinosaurs but some new ones too. There is a great balance of CGI and physical props; just like the first one had. Was unsure by watching the trailers about the overuse of CGI but looks pretty fantastic overall. In some scenes, it does feel a little sketchy but nothing too major or massively noticeable.

I was also unsure of how the relatively young director (in terms of films made) would fare with the pressure of handling such well-loved material. But from early on it’s clear to see that Colin Trevorrow loves this film just as much as most of us do. Which goes to show this man has a very promising future ahead of him in blockbuster entertainment.

4 and a half Biker Raptors out of 5

by Simon Garganera Price


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