Recent Releases – Spy


Desk-bound CIA analyst, Susan Cooper, (Melissa McCarthy) finally gets the opportunity she dreamed for; to work as a field agent. Her mission is to infiltrate the world of a deadly arms dealer, and to prevent plans of global destruction.

For ages, me and my friend were mocking that the premise of this film looked ridiculous and we predicted an absolute shocker of a movie… how wrong we were. Just before watching the film, from what we read of the reviews and everything else, we knew we had to give it a go because it wasn’t reflecting what we envisioned. (Which proves that old adage; to never judge a book by its cover).

There’s not exactly anything mind-blowing here in terms of innovation but it has a LOT of hilarious moments. Jason Statham being one of the funniest performers (he more or less steals the show) is fucking hilarious in this film. He seems completely at ease; poking fun at his and other typical British action star portrayals.

It has a very similar vibe to Bridesmaids which isn’t a huge surprise considering it’s made by the same director – Paul Feig. It goes to show how well he works with a female cast which also bodes well for the new fully femme Ghostbusters remake.

A fantastic genre spoof movie in the same vein as classic spoofs such as Airplane or almost anything by Mel Brooks.

4 Cat Ladies out of 5

by Simon Garganera Price


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