Recent Releases – Insidious: Chapter 3


The prequel of the series which shows how Elise reluctantly hones her ability to fight supernatural elements. She does so by helping a teenage girl haunted by a powerful demon.

I’m not going to lie; this movie terrified the crap out of me with some effectively creative and downright petrifying jump scares. It seemed to have the same effect on most people too as the whole theatre were making all kinds of squeamish noises (myself included) throughout the whole film.

Having not seen the 2nd instalment, I still managed to enjoy it and have the bajeebahs scared out of me. If you’re looking for something to replicate the feel you get when you step off a roller coaster (without the physical risk) then go check it out.

Overall the acting, storyline, and characters are very mediocre but if you’re looking for cheap thrills; rather than a masterpiece… then look no further.

3 and a half Noisy Respirators out of 5

by Simon Garganera Price


7 thoughts on “Recent Releases – Insidious: Chapter 3

      • I thought it was really good! It’s been a pretty strong franchise so far. Not only is it scary but the recurring characters – the comedic ghost hunters and Elise mainly – make it that bit more special and memorable. I really like James Wan and Leigh Whannel, they’re good film makers for this generation of horror!!!

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      • Agreed. What’s your thoughts on Sinister? I actually thought it was a great horror film which really gets under the skin. I’m looking forward to the sequel


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