Recent Releases – Tomorrowland


Curious and bright young teenager, Casey Newton, teams up with bitter former boy-genius inventor, Frank Walker, on a mission to discover the secret behind a technological utopia known as Tomorrowland.

I found it to be a thoroughly enjoyable solid kid’s movie but I think I would have enjoyed it much more as a child. But that’s exactly what this movie is and it knows exactly who its target audience is. I think that alone, should be a testament to Brad Bird’s directorial nuance. He did a great job with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol but it’s clear to see that he is an exceptional ‘Disney’ director.

The young British girl’s accent does get fairly annoying at points but in the context of the movie; her voice and character is understandable. It feels heavily filled with CGI effects; most of it is executed brilliantly but at times it does feel a little overused. Overall it may be a tad generic but this is something I would heavily suggest as entertainment for the family on a rainy afternoon.

3 and a half Jetpacks out of 5

by Simon Garganera Price


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