Recent Releases – The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water


Spongebob and his lifelong nemesis Plankton must team together to retrieve the stolen secret Krabby Patty formula from a mysterious land pirate.

Not quite as good as its 2004 The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie predecessor but it has a few great moments that are worth watching for sheer entertainment value alone. I felt the first Spongebob movie was aimed at both adults and children; finding that balance perfectly. However, in Sponge Out of Water, it seems primarily aimed at children (which of course is perfectly fine considering it’s a kids cartoon show) – I just felt a little uncomfortable watching this at the cinema without any children with me. That being said, as the movie progressed, a bit more of the lunacy I’ve come to expect from the show was featured in the film.

***Spoiler Alert*** If I had to pick the biggest issue with the film, it would have to be how much of it is spent “Out of Water”. It’s quite a shame as well because the CGI effects used were very impressive and eye-catching to watch. I personally would have loved to have seen more of it but just seeing any of it was good enough. It doesn’t quite have the glorious cameo appearance of a superstar the likes of David Hasselhoff but there are a few voiceover appearances some British viewers might recognise and appreciate.

I would say this is a film worth waiting for DVD release to entertain the kids with rather than going out to the cinema to see. But if you’re a big kid like me then I’m sure you’ll enjoy it no matter how you see it.

3 and a half Krabby Patties out of 5

by Simon Garganera Price


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