Recent Releases – Monsters: Dark Continent


Following the events of Monsters, ‘Infected Zones’ have now spread worldwide. Four close friends and new Army recruits are drafted for duty in the Middle-East – The main focus of their mission is predominantly human but they are instructed to take down any creatures that get in the way.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen the first one but judging by the marketing for Monsters: Dark Continent, I knew this would be more of a standalone feature and less of a sequel; but I still expected to see something of a similar ilk. Considering what I’ve read and heard about Monsters, I get the feeling that Gareth Edwards’ main focus was to create an atmospheric apocalyptic sci-fi movie through subtle brief glimpses of the creatures. That sounds interesting to me; and is something that encourages me to watch it.

Similarly, this movie had me intrigued prior to watching it; but unfortunately it didn’t take long for my excitement to completely deplete. On the poster, one source claims how the movie is “Hurt Locker vs Cloverfield“. M:DC doesn’t come close to having the level of character development for either of those movies. It all just seems completely rushed and you often find yourself questioning why you’re supposed to care for these characters. There’s also no creative subtlety whatsoever when it comes to the ‘monsters’ in this movie either. It seems odd to incorporate them visually but when they seem to play almost no part in the plot; it all feels very contrived.

I wish I had watched the original instead of wasting my time with this. It’s not that M:DC was terrible, it just felt like a very average uninteresting war movie with some large creatures crawling about in the background. In the end, it had me asking one of the most devastating questions to ask from a viewer’s perspective: “What was the point in all of that?”

2 Infected Zones out of 5

by Simon Garganera Price


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