Recent Releases – Unfriended


Whilst a group of high school students are together in a Skype meeting, they are joined by an anonymous account that begins to test their bond. Treacherous events occur as this mysterious hacker claims to be of a childhood friend who committed suicide a year ago.

Me and a friend went in to this movie expecting to watch a lump of cinematic trash; thinking we’d be laughing our proverbial tits off to how bad it might have been. Oh, how wrong we were! It’s not that it turned out to be a masterpiece but it was far more genuinely terrifying than we ever imagined. It’s cleverly structured in the sense that it contains a good share of jump scares; but also builds a gradually unsettling atmosphere. It also features a fair amount of shocking imagery that I, personally, wasn’t ready for. And this is one of the reasons I really appreciate it because it dares to take the film where a lot of others fail to go.

The quality of acting has a lot to be desired but considering how cleverly structured and well thought out the structure of the film is – it’s barely noticeable (at times). An interesting satirical spin on the usual found-footage/handy cam films of today; but I wouldn’t go as far as agree with praises of innovation. Yes, it does bring something new to the table but in my opinion it will be the start of a sub-genre at best… but then again, who knows??? We might well be looking at the new face of horror films.

3 and a Half Blenders out of 5

by Simon Garganera Price


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